Storage Tips

Helpful Storage Tips

Tips to Store Your Items Properly

Packing isn't easy and properly utilizing the space can be difficult. That's why we're here to help. The first step is to think about it before you begin. Pack in such a way that you can easily find things later without unloading everything. 

Remember, self-storage is great to store things, but you'll probably want to be able to access your items later without having to dig around.

Plan Ahead for Storing Your Items

Don't let your valuables go unprotected. You have to purchase your own insurance, so be sure to estimate the value of your items and take proper precautions. We provide insurance. Ask our manager for information. Give us a call to get started.

Utilize the Space in Your Box

Box up everything you can and label each box. Don't make the boxes too heavy, but try to fill them to capacity. Boxes on the bottom need to be able to withstand the weight from boxes on top. Always put larger items, and items you don't need, in the back.

Cover and Pack Your Items Well

Large appliances need to be cleaned out to prevent mold and water damage. Prop open fridge and freezer doors to prevent condensation.

You should wrap all your fragile items like dishes and glasses in bubble wrap. The same goes for mirrors and pictures. Do not store furs, irreplaceable items, anything living, firearms, explosives and similar items.

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If we ever need to use storage again, this is definitely where we will be going. Can't recommend enough!”

- Sarah B.
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